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How digital and new technology are creating new careers

Digital media and technological advancement over the last decade has created a whole new set of jobs with a whole new set of skills. Some are a good indication of the tech we now have available to us. Some still baffle us when we think about them too hard.

Let’s take a more in depth look at how these new occupations fit in with this brave new world of ours.

  • 1. Vlogger

    A job that has seemingly come out of nowhere but has also seamlessly integrated itself into our society is vlogging. Vloggers attract various audiences based on the way they brand themselves. They are able to earn money from the comfort of their own homes, it’s the prime example of being your own boss. But it is also a slog to keep up. Vloggers are always on the go, whether it’s making videos, promoting them or collaborating with other vloggers. Being a vlogger is a full time occupation that involves making your life your work, literally. However, with the new implementation of YouTube’s 1000 subscriber/4000 watch hours partnership programme, it’s harder than ever to make a living out of it. Along with the restrictions placed on all kinds of video content, it can be hard to have real control of what you’re putting out there whilst still getting paid for it.

  • 2. SEO guru

    Just how important is SEO? Well, as we now use the term ‘Google it’ as a turn of phrase without even thinking about it...pretty important. The job of making sure your site, article or project appears as high up as possible on Google or any other search engine falls to your SEO guru. There’s definitely a reason why this job exists. Half the battle with creating a successful brand is making sure it is placed higher as a search engine result than other competitors. If you want to work your way to the top, you’ll need to be in touch with a good SEO Analyst.

  • 3. Drone expert

    Drones are a fantastic alternative to those pesky to wangle and expensive helicopter shots for your latest feature film or extravagant home movie. It’s all well and good getting a drone but if you want to get the most out of, keep it in check and know how to utilise its capabilities then you’ll need a drone expert. So if you’re thinking of entering a Drone Prix near you (yes, that’s a thing) then consult your nearest Drone Expert.

  • 4. Kindle direct published author

    It’s not easy to get your work published. You can try for years but it doesn’t mean someone will pick up your novel and put it out into the world. This is, however, unless you publish it yourself. Established by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing enables you to upload your book by yourself and have it hosted on Amazon for people to download. If you’re thinking “I’m not willing to sell my soul to Amazon just to get my work out there!” don’t fret. You keep your rights and you’re able to edit the price and content at any time. It’s also absolutely free. What’s not to like? Of course, self-publishing has always been an option but having it released on a successful platform with easy downloading potential is always a plus.

  • 5. Oculus rift engineer

    VR has been around for a while. Has it always been as good as it is now? No. Is it even that great now? Perhaps not. If that’s your opinion and you have any technological expertise, you could go ahead and fix that yourself by becoming an Oculus Rift Engineer. The Oculus Rift was released in 1816 and has become a staple of virtual gaming. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t have other uses. If you’re looking to buy or rent a new home then you may be able to use this technology to peruse the potential home of your choosing. It’s also being used within the military to train recruits, to treat pain and anxiety and it’s now being used in education and workplaces too. Late to class or a meeting? Just slap on one of these and you’ll never be late again.

  • 6. Self-driving car engineer

    Self-driving cars aren’t a Jetsons-style dream anymore, they’re here and you can build them. Organisations like Udacity are even offering courses in driverless car engineering. After 4 short months you too can build one (well, you can get an introduction to building them) but after that there’s nothing stopping an engineer with the right skills from building and managing such cars. Someone will be able to summon one of the cars on an app and have it take you wherever you need to go. Maybe they could even do deliveries. Look out, Uber. “Self-Driving Car Eats”...it’s not the same.

  • 7. User experience designer

    The phone you text on, the computer you use without really thinking, even your own home were designed with your experience in mind. Though it’s always been around, it’s now been given a label. We’re living in a society in which we’ll discard something if it’s not providing the easiest or the most intuitive experience. This is what makes this role crucial today. We’re constantly updating for convenience and someone has to stay on top of that.

  • 8. Social media marketing manager

    Just about everyone is on some form of social media. As staggering a thought as that sometimes can be, it’s true. It makes a lot of sense. It’s a great way to communicate, keep track of what your friends are up to and also see what’s on in your area. Amongst that, it’s a useful and free way for brands and companies to advertise. A Social Media Marketing Manager knows just how to get the word out on various social platforms. They know when the best time to post is and they’re able to check out which audiences their posts are suited for too. That latest niche meme might be more suited to your heavily ironic nephew as opposed to his mum who posts inspirational quotes alongside minions. No need to worry, just leave it to your Social Media Marketing Manager.

  • 9. App developer

    A lot of the jobs mentioned here require an app to get use out of them. Someone had to make those apps and someone still has to update them to make sure they work properly and move ahead with the times. That falls to an app developer. This job requires technical expertise, but allied to a knowledge of a trend that’s about to break, a good idea can become a worldwide sensation and set you up for life.

  • 10. Millennial generational expert

    It does particularly help in this job if you’re a millennial yourself. Giving an insight into the generation is one thing but being within it yourself is invaluable. The real reason this job is so useful is because the millennial generation seem to baffle every generation before their own, from Baby Boomers to Generation X-ers. From an odd sense of humour to the endless quest for equality, millennials can definitely be hard to pin down. Although, with all the new jobs that have become prevalent in the last 10 years, millennials have become the main target audience in this regard. Understanding the generation, though tricky at times, is important for most digital media practitioners. Gen Z is on the rise too though and they’re stronger than ever before...

Those were 10 jobs that weren’t available 10 years ago but now exist thanks to digital media. It’s amazing to see how far technology has come and how we have adapted with it.

We at Core are excited by the endless possibilities digital media has and we’re happy to work on a few of them with you.