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2017 has been a very busy and very exciting year for us at Core. We worked on some amazing projects with some amazing clients. We produced some of our finest work and made some good friends along the way. In this post we look back at 12 stand out experiences from the last 12 months.

  • 1. Reimagining a local hero’s identity

    We were truly excited to be appointed to work with the iconic Techniquest, the UK’s longest established science centre. Techniquest holds such a special place in the hearts of many in South Wales, so to be part of reimagining their digital identity and help them to achieve their vision for the future was a special honour.

  • 2. Upping our project management game

    2017 was the year that saw us switch to using Asana after previously using Basecamp for the last 8 or so years. We loved Basecamp but was starting to find it increasingly limited for the ranges of projects that we work on. Asana is a much more collaborative environment and we use it to keep our clients fully informed throughout our work with them. We also appointed a new Account / Project Manager, Kathryn, to the team!

  • 3. Content as a service

    On bigger client projects we started moving away from content management systems and moved towards a content as a service model affording us and our clients greater agility, operational simplicity and portability. By far the most attractive and powerful features of adopting this method of working includes the ability to separate content systems from presentation systems. Both time and money can be saved for our clients and content can be created to adapt to multiple frontend applications depending where the user is throughout their customer journey.

  • 4. Multi-million pound website revenues

    We were delighted to see that some of the websites we have designed and built this year facilitated revenue streams in the multi-millions of pounds, placing our work in front of a massive audience and making our clients happy at the same time!

  • 5. Traffic that you’ll want to get stuck in

    During 2017 we have witnessed, hosted and supported traffic swells on our servers far outreaching that of previous years with often more traffic in just a few days than spanned several months across our work of 5 or 10 years ago.

  • 6. Going mobile first

    The confirmation of a switch in user behaviour with the ‘mobile first index’ has been a biggie for us. In future, Google will be looking to analyse sites from a mobile perspective ahead of its desktop experience. During the design process of any project, we adopt a mobile first UX/UI ordinated design approach for all of our clients.

  • 7. Deepening our knowledge of new technologies

    With the growing popularity of single page applications built with frameworks such as React we have been working tirelessly to better understand how they can be optimised for SEO. This deeper understanding has given us greater confidence in recommending SPAs as a possible solution for our client needs going into 2018.

  • 8. Better understanding of online audiences

    There are still many businesses who are unsure what their online audience really looks like. Unlocking the power of visual tools for our clients, such as screen recordings, can help them and us instantly understand their audience better and is something we have been keen to promote this year. We’re shaping up to do much more of this type of work in 2018.

  • 9. Sprint workshops

    During 2017 we began running product sprint workshops for our clients and their fledgling ideas for new services. We have been helping clients to workshop creative ideas and turn them into a minimum viable product within weeks. This approach has led to the successful development of a number of web services and we’re looking forward to the development of this in the coming months.

  • 10. Teamwork makes the dream work

    Working as part of a wider team is at the heart of what we do. Whether that’s working with a client's in house marketing, design or development teams or their existing external partners - we know that the most successful outcomes are achieved when there are shared goals, trust, positive attitude and a spirit of partnership.

  • 11. Growing the Core team

    As our business grows, so has our team. 2017 has seen some new faces join the Core team as we offer more services and support to our clients than ever before. These new faces have added to the excellent working dynamic in our team, improving efficiency at the same time as maintaining that wonderful diversity of skills that makes us the agency we are.

  • 12. Putting the data in design and delivery

    Data has always been at the heart of what we do here at Core but this year we’ve found yet more ways it can improve our projects. Be that in the development of our sites or the ongoing iterations that occur post launch with split testing, good data leads to great performance.

We hope you had as creative, productive and successful a year as us. Here’s to an even bigger 2018!