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Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Promoting an event live on social media feeds for a large brand may seem like a daunting prospect, so how do you go about planning it?

The Search and Social team at CORE has recently been involved in the digital marketing of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards and we've written a case study to briefly set out the processes, tasks and successes of CORE’s role in promoting the Awards using social media and other digital communications.

Core has been the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards’ digital partner since 2008 and five years in to our journey together we took on the challenge of building interest in the Awards night through a targeted digital marketing campaign. Improving engagement with fans and followers all over the world, as well as those present on the night, was a major objective.

The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards are a truly international phenomenon, which attract a significant number of entries to the competition from the four corners of the globe, and many of these shortlisted design teams travel to the UK especially for the Awards.

The opportunities and rewards of social media engagement are self-evident with a project such as this - a unique, visually exciting and internationally important event in the design calendar. Get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to show you how we did it.