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At Core we are committed to creating memorable online experiences for all of our clients, marrying great design with fantastic user experience. Our highly experienced design team are at the cutting edge of modern techniques and approach each project full of ideas as to how to make the right online impression.

Web Design

Our design team understand good web design, but more importantly we understand that good web design is unique to our clients and its users. Well planned and structured research allows our creatives to achieve a visually exciting and engaging design and arrive at an outcome which both we and the client are delighted with.

Mobile first approach

Ensuring a site is mobile-ready is vital in today’s online market. With users expecting websites to remain functional no matter the device and your site is sure to suffer if this is not the case. All of our builds carefully consider responsive design from the project’s outset, resulting in a site which has a slick, defined mobile and tablet view.

Identity & branding

Defining an identity for a brand is vital in maintaining a successful online presence. We at Core know how to extract the essence of what you’re about as a company and creating a logo which is engaging and distinct. Our identity processes can then be used across a wide range of different formats, both in web and print-based resources.

User Experience

Pretty design is all well and good, but does your website do what your users want it to do? If it doesn’t then no amount of clever tricks will cover up the cracks in the structure of your site. Good user experience is a primary goal of all of our projects, with strong UX also now a key metric of site quality for search engines.

Brand Positioning

It’s not enough to simply know your identity, if it can't be seen or doesn’t translate to your potential customers it won’t provide true value. Much of our work is focused on providing our clients the right platform to get noticed and stay noticed through great visual design and thoughtful positioning.

Print Design

It’s not all about web for us! Our holistic approach to design encompasses more traditional print-based applications also. From brochures to signage and most that lives in between, our design team possesses the skill and experience to determine the right look and message for your particular medium.

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