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'Ghost' Google Analytics Accounts

Too often the situation seems to arise whereby site owners are unable to access their Google Analytics account as they’re unaware as to who holds the account credentials.

The GA account itself may be operating perfectly and laden with interesting, actionable insights which could serve to improve site performance. However, if no one in the business has access to the account then these insights are left to drift unseen into the vast ocean of the internet.

To stop your Google Analytics account becoming the reporting equivalent of the Mary Celeste, lash your tether to safe harbour (to torture the boat analogy even further) by ensuring a plan is in place for account ownership.

Just by following a few basic principles you are likely to save yourself a lot of potential pain in the future:

  • Use a group email address - instead of using an individual team member’s email address as the only login for an account, ensure at least one group email address is associated with the account (e.g. with admin access. This will ensure that even when individual team members leave the business, your access does not disappear with them.
  • Document credentials & associated updates - credentials for any group email accounts which have Google Analytics access should be easily available to those who require it and then maintained e.g. when passwords change (of course using a secure documentation platform).
  • Ensure access is regularly maintained & updated - review user access on the account regularly to ensure only authorised users have access e.g. removing those who have left the business or external agencies who are no longer engaged.

If the above advice has come a little too late for you and your account is already lost to the high seas, get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss possible solutions.

However, it’s certainly true in this case that the ease of prevention far outweighs the pain of recovery - so take note before your account becomes the latest ‘ghost’ Google Analytics account to be set loose.

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