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Things are changing

We’re optimistic and excited about what lies ahead.

Baidus and don’ts

With Baidu being China’s primary search engine, it’s important to make sure your SEO analyst is equipped to optimise it.

Congratulations on your engagement!

If you’re unsure how you can connect and engage with your audience then we’d like to share a little of what we know with you.

Hashtag Etiquette

Not sure how to use your hashtags? Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick guide to utilising hashtags.

Do you need to develop an app?

If you’ve created a website then you’ve probably wondered if you need to make an app too. Let’s walk through it.

We're hiring! Web Designer

We’re seeking a Web Designer to join our team.

Flight mode: best cities if you love tech

Have you been thinking of traveling but you’re not sure where? How about a city of innovation? We have a list of the most tech driven places to visit.

We're hiring! Digital Project Manager

We’re seeking a Digital Project Manager to join our team.

We're hiring! Web developer

We’re looking for an experienced full-time web developer to join our Cardiff based team.

GDPR is finally here

GDPR is upon us and we wanted to let you know what happens now. What could you be fined for and how can you avoid it?

10 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Digital media and technological advancement over the last decade has created a whole new set of jobs with a whole new set of skills.

Looking back on 2017

2017 has been a very busy and exciting year for us at Core. In this blog post we look back at 12 stand out points from the last 12 months.

Twitter's new 280 character limit

In this post we explore whether Twitter has ruined its USP by doubling its capabilities?

Social media listening

Actively listening to online conversation is a vital part of understanding your audience and in this blog post we take a look at its key benefits.

Personas - keeping your users in mind

In developing a great website, your users have to be the primary focus. Here we discuss how personas can help you gain a stronger understanding of your audience.

How GDPR will affect you as a SME business

It is not only large, global businesses that will be affected by GDPR, SMEs need to prepare too!

Social media scheduling

How we work in partnership with our clients to schedule their social media content.

GDPR is changing the concept of consent

It’s a concept that needs to be recognised by all business owners existing in the online space.

Get ready, GDPR is coming

What is GDPR and what do you need to know?

Why Instagram?

7 Reasons to use Instagram as part of your business' digital marketing strategy

Content as a Service (CaaS)

Headless content management systems and how are they changing the way we work.

How can Twitter impact the corporate image and reputation of a company?

Twitter is a great business tool but there can be some risks.

How to Use Google Analytics - The Basics

We're going to start this post by answering a philosophical question which has been argued and debated across generations and has eluded some of the sharpest minds ever to have existed.

Website audit - making the most of your website

Things change in the digital world very quickly. It’s one of the reasons why we love it but it also means websites must look to evolve with the changes.

We're hiring - junior/middleweight frontend web developer

We're looking for a junior/middleweight frontend web developer that understands the importance of attention to detail, takes pride in what they deliver and enjoys being an active part of a hard working team.

Restaurant & Bar Design Talk

We are delighted to announce that Core are sponsoring a free to attend 'Restaurant & Bar Design Talk' being held at Wahaca, Cardiff on Wednesday the 2nd December at 6:30pm.

Keeping Good Company Online

"Every man is like the company he wont to keep"
- Euripides 438BC
Now you may be forgiven in thinking that good SEO in the 21st century and the words of a Greek playwright writing two and a half thousand years ago may not have had a lot in common...

We're hiring - Web Developer

We're looking for a web developer that understands the importance of good engineering solutions above all else, takes pride in what they deliver and enjoys being an active part of a hard working team. You’ll play an active role in the development of our client websites, CMS and other tech focussed projects.


The SEO community has been all abuzz as of late, which usually means one thing; algorithm drama. This time it’s the turn of mobile which has the spotlight shining bright. So what’s really going on?

Making better websites

Building a great website that performs well is a multi-faceted task. Graphic designers and developers working together as a team should be a rewarding and successful process, and will mean nothing is left out of the brief.

Grow your Twitter network

Baffled by Twitter? We’re here to help. The sheer size and variety of Twitter may mean you struggle to know where to begin as a brand until you know how it works - and how it can work for you and your business.

YouTube Advertising formats

As the use of online video in digital marketing continues to grow, we take a look at the advertising options provided by YouTube and how each format can work for you and your business.

Content is king

As the blogging business booms, Google are always looking to evolve their algorithms to stay up to date. So how can you look to grow your online presence without falling foul of the search engine's dreaded penalties?

Pinterest and copyright

While Pinterest is extremely popular both amongst individuals and brands as a visual sharing platform, potential issues around the copyright and use of images on the site still need to be considered carefully.

Vine & Instagram Video

As the use of online video in digital marketing continues to grow, we take a look at the advertising options provided by YouTube and how each format can work for you and your business.

Fast and Furious Marketing

In an age where the average attention span of an online user is dwindling while they themselves become ever demanding, we examine the term "fast and furious marketing" and discover what it could mean for your brand.

Google Analytics for developers

When developing your website, it is always important to make sure that Google Analytics is set up accurately and efficiently. This will ensure that you can have full confidence in your data, helping to inform future decisions as to your site’s direction and ambitions.

Faceted Search: a white paper

The art and science of designing and implementing good faceted search will not only help your site to be better optimised in search engines, but also make it much more user-friendly for visitors.

Case study: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Promoting an event live on social media feeds for a large brand may seem like a daunting prospect, so how do you go about planning it? We explain our strategy behind the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2013, and how it was put into action.

Browsers: How low do you go?

When it comes to internet browsers, are you at the head of the pack or are you still lagging behind with out-of-date versions? Here we look at the issues that can arise and ask how far we should go in supporting older browser versions?

Pinterest analytics

Despite Pinterest’s popularity as a social media channel, sometimes getting accurate analysis from the site has proved tricky. In this post we examine what free tools are out there for you to get the most of.

Google Tag Manager

Pulling all the various strands of a digital marketing campaign together can seem daunting without the right tools. Google Tag Manager can help you streamline and monitor your campaigns, and we can help you with Google Tag Manager.

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