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Telling a story, delivering a legacy
Telling a story, delivering a legacy

Telling a story, delivering a legacy

A charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people across the UK.

Photography credit: Cardiff City FC

Founded in 2021, the PW7 Foundation was launched as a lasting legacy to the late Peter Whittingham - working to support three very special charities and assist them in delivering their vital work. Having been approached by the family of Peter on providing a digital presence for the foundation, we were honoured to provide a helping hand.

Creative concepts

With a clean slate to lead on creative direction, we created two stylescapes which helped form the visual brand identity and tone of voice that we wanted PW7 to project. The stylescape gave the foundation decision makers a feel of what we were envisioning before delving further into the creative details.

PW7 stylescape 1PW7 stylescape 2

Forming an identity

Once the stylescape was agreed upon, we set about developing a host of brand elements including the logo. Our thinking was shaped by wanting to both capture an energetic feel to reflect Peter's sporting background, while also imbuing a sense of positive change driven by the foundation. With this in mind, bold yet warm tones were selected as key colours, with strong lines and a modern energetic typeface creating impactful messaging

PW7 colour palettePW7 colour palette
PW7 tagline

A brand for digital

Part of the brand identity was to create a strong digital presence, creating a suite of social media graphics to help promote donations and memorial match ticket sales. The rich colours and strong graphics ensured PW7 had a defined digital identity and consistency throughout the brand.

PW7 instagram mockupsPW7 instagram mockups

Match day prep

Promotion of the memorial match was a hugely important site feature to the foundation and a facet which was keenly considered by our team. The brand identity needed to shine across various materials (from digital advertising, printed materials and shirts for the match day), working in concert yet remaining true to the PW7 Foundation’s design ethos.

PW7 bus stop advert
PW7 Peter
PW7 player warmup
PW7 stafium image

Powerful message to drive positive change

We were affected and driven by the message the PW7 Foundation wanted to promote in developing a positive future for countless young people moving forwards.

PW7 persona mapping

We knew therefore that encouraging those onsite to donate was a key consideration in how the website was to be structured, with both the sitemap and user journeys generated in the Discovery portion of the project hugely important in maximising this opportunity to make an actionable impact on those in need.

PW7 screen mockupsPW7 screen mockups

We are hugely honoured to have played a role in the development of this wonderful foundation, never losing sight of the trust placed in us by Peter’s family to tell his story and provide a digital platform for his legacy.

We hope it is a website which will support so many in; finding out more about the PW7 Foundation and its goals, celebrating Peter’s life for his family, friends and fans, and a channel to donate to charities and inspire real change for generations to come.

PW7 phone mockups
PW7 phone mockups

Interactivity to engage

In developing a website for the foundation, one element featured onsite was an interactive journey through Peter's career - using rich imagery and video to help tell his story in its most vivid sense. We were grateful to receive a large library of footage from both Cardiff City FC & the Whittingham family to help achieve this, with an engaging scroll experience enlivened by slick animations.

The results

Money raised from foundation
Attendance at charity match
Social followers
“Core brought our vision for PW7 Foundation to life through our brand and identity. We were so excited to promote the website and our new identity to the world to help raise donations and awareness of the charities we support. We especially love the celebrating Peter page on the site with the interactivity of the page. From copy writing, asset creation, brand identity and development of the site Core really helped us grow.”
James Whittingham, co-founder of PW7 Foundation.