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In creating a successful website for your brand, it’s not enough to simply build a site and launch it. There must always be a view to its long term future and how your site wants to progress in terms of developing a well thought out digital marketing strategy. With our expertise in SEO & Social Media, we can guide our clients through every step of this potentially complex digital journey.

Keyword Research

Effective and thoughtful keyword research and planning provide the building blocks to all of our sites. It starts with identifying the right ‘keywords’ (those terms people may search for) for your niche; considering both search volume and achievability. The next step then is knowing where to place these keywords which is achieved through a well developed sitemap and implementation on page titles, meta descriptions, H1s and body text.

Developing a strategy at the earliest stage is key for a successful SEO campaign as it provides solid foundations which foster long term growth. Failure to properly plan and it is that much harder to claw back errors made around launch time.

Content Creation

Freshly updated content is a strong signal to search engines that your site is one which is actively improving and in turn helps to build authority. Our team of copywriters are adept at writing flexibly, for a wide range of target audiences, and hold the ability to write both at length and for concision.

Our keyword research allows us to optimise content for search engines but we write for humans, not robots, and are always eager to ensure each piece of content reflects our client’s sense of brand.

Social Media

Social media has become a behemoth in recent years, elevating it to to a ‘must have’ marketing tool and one which can really help to set your brand apart from its competitors if done right. However, it is also a tool which can seem confusing from the outside looking in and leave people cautious as to how to get started or run properly.

We at Core can help to establish the right social channels for your particular niche, create professional and engaging company profiles and develop a social strategy which aligns with your business operations.


Pay Per Click advertising can provide a supplementary boost to a site’s performance and allow you to more closely target the visitors you wish to attract to your site. Google AdWords is perhaps the most well known of these channels, but there are other avenues which follow similar models such as various forms of social advertising e.g. Twitter/Facebook ads.

As with all of our projects, we approach our PPC campaigns from a methodical and well researched perspective. This will allow us to maximise the performance of each unique campaign and get the very most out of your budget, whatever it is.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

So you have a shiny new website which you think looks fantastic, but does it do what your users want it to do? This is a question which is sometimes ignored when building a site, but great user experience is absolutely vital in delivering a successful project.

There are various tools, like heatmaps, which allow us to constantly analyse the performance of features of the site post-launch e.g. navigation use, call to actions. We can then look to test possible changes to the site, using split testing, to monitor for improvements in performance. We will then have accurate data as evidence to argue for or against these future site changes.


Ensuring you have accurate and regular reporting systems in place is important in terms of maintaining a continuous assessment of your site. With tools such as Google Analytics we can compare a wide variety of stats which will inform future decisions as to the site’s evolution.

It is also about being accountable for the campaigns we undertake, allowing our clients to feel comfortable with the progression of the site and allow for discussion points at every stage.

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