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Social media listening

Social media listening
Katie Porter

Katie Porter

Social media listening should be an essential part of any organisation’s digital marketing strategy.

There are many benefits to social media monitoring and if optimised correctly it can provide businesses with valuable information to make strategic business decisions.

The main benefits of social media listening are:

Tracking engagement

Through the implementation of social media monitoring, it is possible to track the levels of engagement that your social posts have gained. This includes the amount of likes, shares, comments, clicks etc on your content. This data is extremely valuable as it allows you to monitor the performance levels of the various posts.

Best performing posts

As a business, you can take the data that social media listening tools generate and create future social media posts that you know are likely to capture the attention of your audience. If a certain type of content is not working on social media and isn't performing as well as other posts, thanks to social media listening tools you can identify this and strategically work to increase the engagement on these posts.

Listen for brand mentions, keywords and hashtags

Depending on the social media tool that you use and the complexity of the software, you will be able to set up queries to search for certain mentions, keywords or hashtags that are occurring in online conversations. You might want to track certain keywords of a particular product to see where it appears in the conversations or to track where a specific hashtag is being used. The possibilities with social listening are endless!

Catch a crisis early

One of the most important factors of social media listening is keeping track of any negative or brand damaging comments. Social media platforms move very fast and without using a listening tool you may miss a negative comment being made. It is crucial to catch any damaging comments early before the conversation spirals out of control. Using a listening tool, it is possible to categorize mentions as positive, neutral or negative and track the sentiment of your content.

Competitor analysis

Through various social media listening tools that are out there in the market, you can compare the performance of your company against its competitors. This allows you to keep on top of your industry, monitor your share of voice amongst your competitors, and compare how your brand is performing in comparison to the other key players in your market.

Need some help?

You may be unsure what tools are out there and which one is the best to use to meet the needs of your business? Or you may have certain social media KPIs that you have to meet and want to use social listening to track these but dont have the time or resource. If you are unsure where to start with social listening, please get in touch and talk with us today.