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Why Instagram?

Why Instagram?
Katie Porter

Katie Porter

7 reasons to use Instagram as part of your business' digital marketing strategy.

As a busy digital marketing agency, we are often focused on delivering the very best we can for our clients, but it is also important that we give ourselves a spot of TLC.

As our content team grows, we now have even more resource to drive our own digital marketing strategy and broaden our social media presence. We decided to look at the pros and cons for creating an Instagram account and evaluate its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Through our research, we discovered that indeed there are many positive elements to having a business account on this fun and visual platform, and thought we’d share these insights with you!

Enjoy our 7 reasons to answer your question, ‘Why Instagram?’.....

1. Show what you do in a creative way

Instagram allows you to talk about everything that your brand offers through the use of imagery. Having a creative Instagram profile will give your business that competitive edge and showcase your creative talents. After all, they do say a picture speaks a thousand words!

2. Take a peek ‘behind the scenes’ of your business

Instagram is a great platform to show off the more informal side of your business. Whether that be staff social events, sporting activities or even scenic pictures from your office window, Instagram is the platform to upload these creative shots to allow users (or clients) to get to know you a bit better. People do business with people, so showing a more human side is always a plus.

3. Use hashtags to further your social reach

By adding hashtags to the caption of your Instagram post you allow the social reach to be extended. Users of Instagram can search to bring up all posts that contain certain hashtags. Using relevant hashtags can be extremely effective for getting your posts noticed.

4. Use the platform to tease what products/news you have coming

If you have an interesting case study coming up, new product launch that you're excited about or new developments to your website, Instagram can be used as the platform to tease this information. By using graphics such as “coming soon…” or “watch this space” it creates excitement with your followers and allows the anticipation and interest to grow around what you will be revealing.

5. Interact with other users/businesses

In the Instagram photos that you post, you are able to tag other users in the post or mention them in the caption. By doing this, it not only shows collaboration with others, but increases the chance of engagement on posts as your image will appear under the “tagged” section of the user’s page that you have interacted with.

6. Instagram Stories

Snapchat stories offer all the features of direct competitor Snapchat but allows you to have this feature under one platform. Snapchat stories can be photos or videos, that appear on the top section of the Instagram homepage and are visible for 24 hours. The feature allows you to draw, add text, filters or fun stickers over the top of your content, allowing the Instagram user to get creative with content!

7. Go live!

In addition to Instagram Stories, users can now go live! Unlike the feature that Facebook offers, Instagram Live videos instantly disappear as soon as the live video has ended, it really is like being at an event live! However, if you do want to upload a video to your account that will appear permanently, this can be done through the normal posting procedure.

If you are looking for some assistance in making the most of your social media channels and delivering a wide range of content, talk to us today and let’s get digital working for you.