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The client

The Design Commission for Wales (DCFW) is an expert public body which has an overall vision to improve Wales by design. The commission welcomes presentations of design proposals for schemes across Wales and provides an opportunity for designers, developers and others to seek expert advice ahead of embarking on a project.

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The brief

As a group focused on good design, DCFW are always looking to stay at the cutting edge in their field. This needed to be reflected in their digital presence, presenting an impactful and memorable experience for their users. This required a closer look at branding and how the site performs from a navigational perspective.

Collaborating with decision makers to help shape Wales

The response

For a client and project such as this, with such an accent on design, it is important for us to convey our own keen design sensibilities and how we can relate to their needs. As a flexible digital agency which fully embraces the concept of ‘bespoke’, we always look to reflect each client’s individual needs, be that in design or development.

One of our first actions was to make the site more impactful upon first viewing. With the primary landing page of the homepage we emboldened with the strong presence of their primary brand gold colouring. We also sharpened the DCFW logo and added a strong strapline and accompanying text, designed to engage the user straight away.

A concept which is intertwined with design is the idea of storytelling, especially through a project journey. To strengthen this, we added an infinite scroll on the homepage with a rolling tile design, linking through to articles from various sections of the site. This enforces the idea of freshness and constant evolution.

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The site, which is built using Wordpress, has a clearly defined top bar navigation. This has been optimised from the original site, providing a better user experience for visitors and providing emphasis to the most important pages on the site.

An aspect which for the past few years has been at the forefront of our minds when approaching each of our projects is how the site performs responsively. This website refresh was the perfect chance to further optimise for mobile, adding a slick new navigation and the infinite scroll which is great for handheld usage.

We at Core understand design, but more importantly we understand how our clients feel about design.

Championing good design

The Commission needs to communicate a great deal of information to a broad audience of professionals, decision makers, lay people, academics and students. Core helped us to simplify messages, creating a clear, bold layout better reflecting our passion and purpose as well as fully complementing our identity.

Carole-Anne Davies, BA Hons, FRSA

Chief Executive, Design Commission for Wales

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