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Graham & Brown are one of the leading suppliers of wallpaper in the UK, holding relationships with some of the very best designers, including Kelly Hoppen, Barbara Hulanicki and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.


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The brief

In January 2013 Core was presented with the brief to build online traffic, sales and exposure through a strategic SEO campaign. This would involve growth both in the UK but also into international markets, including France and the US.

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The response

After a thorough initial audit of the site we set to task creating a plan of action, which included both short and long term goals, for the coming months. One of the main priorities was a redesign of the existing site to align Graham & Brown with modern thinking on user experience and structured navigation. In partnership with Graham & Brown, and their design and build partners Blue Leaf and Graph, Core ensured that transition, which is filled with potential pitfalls, progressed as smoothly as possible. This was achieved through careful keyword research, 301 redirect implementation and structured site mapping.

Sessions increased by %

Keyword research and content remained a key component of our work with Graham & Brown, analysing the latest search trends for implementation on the site. Alongside keyword planning, links have always been vital in improving site health and we at Core sought to gain good quality links through a well-researched and considered linkbuilding strategy. This would take the form of reviews, giveaways, competitions or opportunities to meet and interview top designers.

We also took control of Graham & Brown’s PPC efforts, most notably their AdWords campaigns. With the same detailed approach we take to all of our projects we ensured management of the campaign was comprehensive and continual, updating keywords and bids to ensure we were taking advantage of every possible opportunity.

Transactions increased by %

Graham & Brown have now become an international business and the new site was built with this in mind. Core was given responsibility for the French side of the site and with this we set to work to optimise for multiple languages. For us this involved liaising with trusted French translators who would take our copy and ensure it was properly translated to identify with search trends for that particular location. In addition, we also had someone building links for us with an in depth knowledge of the French blogging scene.

Throughout the two years working on the project, we also initiated a wide variety of further campaigns which drew from our previous digital marketing experiences. Along with various split tests and assistance with social media, we also embarked on a thorough canonicalisation campaign. With nearly a million pages to it’s name, this was a tricky task!

Revenue increased by %

Through open dialogue with the Graham & Brown development team we were able to implement tags to their faceted search feature. This prevented Google from crawling pages which had no search value to a user and allowed them to crawl more relevant pages. You can read more about our expertise in faceted search here.

Our collaboration with Graham & Brown is a fine example of how we see an SEO campaign taking shape. Modern SEO is now about so much more than just good keyword research and a bunch of links, it encourages you to think primarily of user experience. This campaign allowed us to pool all of our knowledge in various aspects of the agency and pulled them together to the benefit of the project.

Core’s approach to SEO and content is clear, methodical, and well researched. Their experience and knowledge creates a calm and productive atmosphere for what can be a complex subject matter.

Mark Leach

Head of eCommerce at Graham & Brown

You took the campaign and turned it around, giving us the confidence to invest further.

Mark Leach

Head of eCommerce at Graham & Brown

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